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Micky Carlisle started developing and releasing his art and photography as a new found sanctuary during lockdown as a way of remaining positive and productive with all his new found spare time. This was something he had craved whilst spending years in full time employment, steadily growing frustrated with his inability to devote his time to exploring the things he loved. With the initial success gained on the back of his early work, Micky then decided to make the bold to re-prioritise his life to support following his passions. Furthermore, throughout his life music has always been a major influence to Micky and he also decided it was also the time for him to release his own compositions into the world. He has made a successful impact through his debut gigs and spent  time working and recording with various talented musicians and artists in the North West of England. With his initial work  accumulating, the idea soon formed to house it all  together and create an overall hub for his work. Thus his vision ‘Daydream Vision Creative’ was born. 

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